Do you need some mommy daddy time? Need a girls night out or night with the boys? Would you like to have at least one night a month without the kids? Once month on a Friday or Saturday night we open the dojang (taekwondo school) from 6pm-11pm for parents to drop their kids off for some fun and games at the taekwondo school.  

The tuition is only $25 per child (includes pizza).


Sung Cho's Taekwondo offers day camps during the regular school year. These are one day camps when kids have the day off of school for holidays, professional day or other scheduled events that cause them to be out of school for one or more days. As parents ourselves we know the importance of having a safe and secure place for our kids when they are out of school and you can't take the day off.

Read more: DAY CAMPS

Sung Chos Tae Kwon Do - After School Pick-up ServiceSung Cho’s Taekwondo now offers after school Taekwondo pick up programs. We pick up students at their school and take them to Sung Cho's Taekwondo for Taekwondo classes.

Sun Cho's Tae Kwon Do Birthday PartiesWant a unique birthday experience for your child? Try a Taekwondo birthday party. Martial arts birthday parties are fun for everyone. They offer a free Taekwondo class, martial arts games, cake cutting with a sword, board breaking and much more.

Try our Taekwondo summer camp, CAMP KICK!! Enjoy days full of fun, games, movies and more. 

  • Fun & Games
  • Weekly Field Trip 
  • Daily Taekwondo lesson
  • Pizza Fridays
  • Korean Lessons
  • Board Breaking
  • Movies & Popcorn
  • Origami Lessons
  • Chopstick Relays
  • Watermelon Wednesdays
  • Marshmallow Mondays
  • Special Projects and much more.