Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that is made up of slow, rhythmic type movements combined with deep breathing and concentration that helps condition your body and clear your mind. It is believed that Tai Chi can increase the flow of Qi (Chi) or Life Force. This is important in the promotion of good health and vitality. Tai Chi uses movements that are Yin and Yang or opposites, push/pull, forwards/backwards and softness/strength and action/calmness.

Tai Chi was developed originally over 1,700 years ago as a secret system of fighting but it has been adapted over the years to include health, spiritual and philosophical aspects. Many other aspects along with self-defense may be gained by studying Tai Chi. It is a spiritual teaching that allows one to come into harmony with the universe. Tai Chi emphasizes becoming aware of the relationship of all the parts of one’s body to each other and the environment and also moving these parts harmoniously under direction of the mind. It is also a form of meditation but it is meditation in activity rather than in a sitting position. It is an activity which the mind is focused on breathing, tension of muscles and use of Chi. 

Tai Chi is also a system of exercise where the practitioner uses refined strength, going from complete relaxation to steel-like forcefulness. It strengthens not only the muscles but also the bones and vital organs and trains the mind. Through Tai Chi one can improve flexibility, endurance, coordination, body alignment and general health and healing. 

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