Affordable & Unlimited Classes!!

NO CONTRACTS! We are one of the only martial arts schools in the area that does not make you to sign a contract. We don't put restrictions or limits on the number of classes you can attend either. You can attend as many classes as you wish. Any day or any time you like. You learn and train around your schedule, not ours.     

Our discipline is designed to make students non violent, to inspire them with feelings of confidence and well being and to make life more meaningful. The theory essential to Taekwondo concerns concept of “soft” & “hard”, yin & yang, opposites. The practitioner of Taekwondo becomes mild in manner but has the ability to use force when necessary. After years of experience the student becomes like water, sun and fire possessing tremendous inherent force for generating life or for it’s destruction.

We follow the teachings of Grand Master Sung Hwan Cho. He is extremely innovative and creative. He developed a new practical and effective style of self-defense, which automatically increases reaction time and drastically improves on the more traditional defense techniques and forms. Click here to learn more about our Taekwondo teachings.

Stop by or call today for a FREE class! Give us a call today at 941-922-3847. You can also send us an email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.